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Expert surgical services

With over 27 years of combined experience, the doctors at McGuire Veterinary Services can take care of your cat or dog. We'll make sure your pet receives the highest level of care. A physical exam and pre-anesthetic testing are recommended before surgery.

Surgical services available

24-hour emergency services available:


"The best! Very thorough, compassionate, accommodating, and he even calls to check to see how your pet is doing! Highly recommended!

- Linda M. from Facebook

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For surgery without anesthesia, we will monitor your pet during the procedure and provide pain medication to keep him or her comfortable during surgery and recovery. For more complicated procedures, your pet will receive general anesthesia so he or she will be unconscious and not feel any pain. We follow standard anesthesia protocol, monitoring their vital signs to ensure their safety.


Modern anesthesia is generally quite safe, but to decrease risks, a pre-surgical physical exam and blood work can help detect any underlying health issues.

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